i’m writing smut and i re-read this and realize it rhymed and laughed for like 5 years because i thought about if someone made dr. seuss smut

There was a moan and groan and lot of white goo. Young Philip said “Oh Daniel. I do love you.”

As he grabbed him below, he felt him grow thicker.

“Slower,” he said. “Or else I’ll cum quicker.”

With a shout and a scream daniel did cream all over the wooden floor spreading from window to table to door.

Philip all coated in cum said “But Daniel we are not yet done”

Daniel smirked, and young Philip blushed.
He opened his mouth to speak but was immediately shushed.
“Don’t speak,” he ordered and, for him, Philip did yearn.
“Sit back and relax because it’s my turn.”

One Dick Two Dick Dan’s Dick Phil’s Dick, a story by the Phandom.

And then with a moan and a movement so quick
Dan started to ride Philip’s disco stick
A shout from young Daniel told Phil he had got him
He chuckled and whispered, “And they think that bottom”

I still cant get over this

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